6 Tips & Tricks to get Amazon Prime for Free or at a Discount

Let’s find out how to get an Amazon Prime membership for free or at a reduced rate quickly. The company also runs special offers for students, family members, etc.

Millions of online shoppers and entertainment lovers worldwide love Amazon Prime. Users enjoy it for perks like free two-day shipping, access to early releases, Prime Video, and discounts from Whole Foods. Many online shoppers who frequently purchase from Amazon find the advantages helpful, particularly the expedited delivery and waived-off charges. 

An Amazon Prime membership costs $139 annually or $14.99 monthly. The rates underwent revision earlier in 2022, in line with rising prices. It has made many members reconsider the situation and analyze if the membership is worth it. Many also seek discounted membership in these times of high inflation – and you have come to the right place to figure out how.

Simple Ways to Get Amazon Prime Membership at a Discount

We have collected straightforward approaches to save a few dollars and fit Prime into your household and entertainment budget.

Subscribe to a Free Trial

Amazon offers a one-time free trial to let you explore the benefits of Prime membership.

try Amazon Prime for free

The trial period lasts 30 days, and you are free to cancel at any time. It automatically converts to a paid membership if you decide to continue. It is a great way to experience the offerings and see if the perks are relevant.

Grab a Student Discount

If you are a student with a ‘.edu’ email address, you can get a six-month trial for free. Afterward, you can access the membership at $7.49 monthly.

It is a fantastic deal that opens benefits like flight deals and free food delivery from Grubhub.

Use a Government Assistance Discount

Do you have an EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer)? If you are on government assistance with EBT, you can become an Amazon Prime member for only $6.99 monthly. The membership gets re-verified every year.

Hop onto Amazon Household

Does someone in your family or neighborhood have Prime membership? They can add you to their account. You can then avail of the benefits for free.

Purchase a Temporary Membership

Many online shopping fans want to avail of membership benefits during Prime Day. Amazon runs fantastic deals on several festive occasions, and you need to be a member to qualify. You can buy a temporary membership for $14.99 monthly and terminate it after the end. You don’t need to continue for the entire year if your focus lies only on special occasions.

Collect Amazon Gift Cards

Some websites like Gazelle.com offer gift cards for Amazon. You can then use them to pay for your membership. Branded surveys are another great way to get gift cards and coupons.

Final Word

Now you know some quick solutions to get Amazon Prime access at a discount. But what if it still doesn’t seem right for you? You should ask yourself if you need the membership at all.

Amazon Prime cost

Free two-day shipping is one of the best perks of Prime. But you can get free delivery if you judiciously club purchases together. Delivery gets waived on orders above $25 in any case. Another option to save money is to choose the Subscribe & Save option. For example, if you need diapers every month, you can subscribe to a monthly service and get 15% off the list price. 

Amazon Prime can become more affordable than the standard pricing if you use some of the options discussed here. But remember, it may not be for everyone, and it is perfectly all right.

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