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Amazon Prime Cost & Benefits for Different Users: Let’s Break it Down

Let’s find out how much your Amazon Prime membership costs and for what exactly you are paying. We discuss prices by users and if it makes sense for your budget.

Amazon Prime is your gateway to a host of benefits from the giant e-commerce hub. From free 2-day shipping on your parcels to one-day delivery and music streaming, there is a lot to be gained from a membership.

The Amazon Prime Video app, now available on Windows 10 and 11, is also a super-attractive highlight of this bundle. But here is where the shoe pinches: how much does all this cost? In February 2022, the company revised the prices – north by 17%. So, is it sensible to buy an Amazon Prime membership? Let us find out. 

Amazon Prime Cost & Benefits by User: For what are you paying?

Amazon Prime cost

Amazon has different price tiers for its user base of over 200 million shoppers globally. For example, you will pay less if you are a student or qualify for government assistance.

Standard Users

At present, you will need to pay $14.99 monthly. If you choose a yearly plan, the price is $139. The annual rates get subsidized – it might be worth considering if you are here for long haul. You can also choose to get only Prime Video. It will cost you $8.99 monthly.


You can avail of substantial benefits. Students can access Prime benefits at $7.49 monthly or $69 annually. Register with an .edu email address to verify your student status. Then, the membership holds for four years or until graduation.

EBT, Medicaid, etc.

You can access Amazon Prime at a reduced price of $6.99 per month. Only a few government assistance recipients can avail of these prices, so check your eligibility on the official website (www.amazon.com/primeaccess). 

You can dip your toe with a free trial if you are unsure. If you choose to get a free trial for Amazon Prime, you will get charged once the membership period ends. Then on-wards, your subscription renews annually.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership: Beyond Free Shipping

When Prime started, free two-day shipping was the highlight. You can frequently get your items delivered on the same day or within two hours, provided you order before noon.

Amazon Fresh is the best example of this, and is a go-to option for daily groceries. Your kitty also covers affiliates like Prime RX for medicines, Amazon Elements, Woot, and Zappos. Today, the advantages go far beyond just expedited shipping. 

Access to a variety of products and sizes

When you shop online on Amazon, you can get discounts on household essentials, from groceries to toiletries. Supply chain issues and inflation have affected the retail sector in the last few years – a situation worsened by the pandemic. But e-shopping can often provide you with items stocked out on brick-and-mortar shelves. Amazon does this well with Amazon Outlet and Warehouse (for second-hand goods). 

You can also buy individual packs with a Prime membership. For instance, a small packet of granola may not be available to regular Amazon users who must purchase in bulk.

Whole Foods discounts

The acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017 also opened up multiple advantages for the user base. You can get many discounts – including an additional 10% on sale products – from the premium grocery retailer on brands like Whole Paws and Whole Catch. 

Multimedia and Entertainment

The entertainment-based benefits of Prime membership are substantial. Music buffs love the unlimited streaming, while readers appreciate the included access to Prime Reading. Of course, Prime Video gets included in the annual membership. It opens up a dazzling world of movies, television shows, and content that caters to your personal tastes.

Special benefits for Students

Students have some specific benefits (besides the subsidized fee). You can use Prime Gaming and play titles like Pokemon Go, Overwatch, and Call of Duty: Warzone. Or, you can grab some excellent everyday deals on school supplies. 

Pre-orders & No-Rush Shipping

Amazon Prime lets you pre-order that highly anticipated novel set to release a few months later. Or, you can choose a no-rush option if you are comfortable receiving your order later than usual. It lets you avail of discounts or promotional offers.

Key by Amazon

This unique benefit of Prime membership allows the delivery person to your parcel inside your door even when you are away. It works if you have a smart lock that can interact with the MyQ app. You can even see your order delivered if you have set up a camera.

Amazon Photos

If you need to store tons of images, you will love this. Amazon Photos has unlimited photo storage and up to 5GB of video space. 

Grubhub+ Discounts

You can get a free year of this food-delivery service, thus saving around $10 monthly. 

Amazon Kids+

Your membership includes a 40% discount on this kids-friendly platform, letting you expose children to age-appropriate content.

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So, is an Amazon Prime Membership worth it?

We suggest a quick exercise: review those benefits and see how many you have used recently or will. If you shop online often and can benefit from free shipping and the other perks, the membership might be worthwhile. But if your purchases are mostly impulse buys, and many of the benefits like photo-storage and Whole Foods go unused, it might be time to re-evaluate.

Competitors like Target, Walmart, etc., have same-day delivery and easy returns without a subscription fee. Also, even a non-Prime user can avail of free shipping if they club their purchases and reach the minimum amount required. 

Here is the bottom line: there is a lot going for Amazon Prime, and it is terrific if you can reap the benefits. But it is not for everyone.

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