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12 Best Prime Day Headphone Deals 2023: Exciting Offers on AirPods, Beats, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, and JBL

Whether you love your AirPods or like to experiment with new brands, we doubt you have escaped the buzz around Amazon Prime Day. Every year, it is one of the best occasions to purchase a new pair of over-ear headphones, wireless devices, etc.

Many music lovers decide to upgrade their headsets, and gamers invest in the latest noise-cancellation and sweat-proof technology. It is not only about jumping onto the discount bandwagon; it is more to do with sensible shopping at bargain prices.

This year also, superior sound quality will likely be the biggest draw. Brands like Jabra have also been experimenting with sweat-proof devices, which make sense for people with active lifestyles (or simply those who live in humid places).

12 Best Prime Day Headphone Deals 2023

Tune in to your favorite music and get ready to elevate your game with some of these jaw-dropping deals on headphones. More to come, of course!

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Apple AirPods deals for audiophiles

Apple AirPods get coveted by scores of people who love the purity of sound. But these headphones can be ultra-expensive, making Prime Day the perfect opportunity to grab yours. The second-generation AirPods have come down to under $100 – a discount of 38%. It is a basic model but offers excellent sound and style no matter what kind of audio you like tuning into.

You should check out the Apple AirPods Pro for a little more if you want even better quality. It benefits from an H2 chip and superior noise cancellation – an advantage in our noisy world. It is currently at 20% off.

Even Apple AirPods Max is now cheaper by 13%, available for $479. It is a compact but remarkable gadget that will definitely attract traction this year. 

Deep discounts on Beats Studio 3 

Beats is a brand to reckon with in the wireless headphones landscape, and known for excellent noise cancellation. Beats Studio 3 Wireless is now much cheaper – down by 49%! We daresay it is one of the most stunning headphones deals in 2023.

Jabra Headphones deals

Jabra has also become a strong player in this category and isn’t shying away from discounting its bestsellers this Amazon Prime Day. The Jabra Elite 4 is a wireless set with noise cancellation, now selling for less than $100.

Or, you could spend a little more and acquire the Jabra Elite 7 Pro – wireless earbuds with decent sound quality. It is down to $162 right now.

More headphones deals you can expect soon

It is early days, and we expect more deals to get announced as the shopping festival commences on July 11. Sennheiser Momentum earbuds are also on discount, and so are some picks from Sony. In 2022, Sony, Bose, and Google Amazon Echo also had some brilliant offers. Some top-quality headphones were available for as little as $60 to $70. 

The current discounts are likely to get steeper too. Last year, the Beats Studio 3 witnessed the meatiest deal, with 50% off. We eagerly await more such announcements from the AirPods family as well.


Is Amazon Prime Day a good time to purchase headphones?

The shopping festival sees significant discounts on many electronic gadgets, headphones included. Leading brands like Apple, Sony, and Bose have traditionally offered price cuts at this time. Last year’s deals indicate you can expect close to 50% off on some premium models. Budget headphones can be as low as $60.

The variety is also immense: from wireless earbuds to over-the-ear headphones and others. Shopping now can give you some of the lowest prices ever on major brands – a promising prospect for headphones since they can get quite expensive.

Which features should you look for in headphones?

Sound quality is paramount – the higher, the better, especially for gamers and audiophiles. But besides that, you should also consider your lifestyle. People who listen to music mainly while exercising should procure a sweat-proof set that doesn’t slip off the ears.

Noise cancellation is another vital characteristic for those who travel by public transport. Over-ear headphones can be helpful here. You have to look for durability and damage resistance too.

Will you need an Amazon Prime membership to access headphone deals?

Yes, you will. The discounts are members-only. A 30-day free trial is easy to start. You can cancel it at any time – but before it auto-renews. After 30 days, the membership will cost you $14.99 a month. The annual fee is $139, which turns out to be cheaper.

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